Welcome to Clean Nordic Oceans` second workshop

Clean Nordic Oceans is planing an upcoming workshop, where the main purpose is to exchang knowledge about systems and solutions as well as research and development through good discussions and recommendations

Clean Nordic Oceans (CNO) is established with the purpose of being an arena and platform for knowledge sharing between Nordic countries about registration, retrieval and handling with recycling of lost fishing gear.

The 2017 workshop aimed at mapping the status of both systems and activity based on the problem caused by lost fishing gear, registration, retrieval and handling with recycling. Presentations from the 2017 workshop are available HERE at CNO` website.

The 2018 CNO workshop is focusing at exchanging knowledge on systems and solutions and the latest research and development. Which solutions or systems that suit each countries are not necessarily the same, but the main challenges are.

This year`s workshop will be held on the island of Runde on the west coast of Norway. Runde is a remote island and will give the participants great opportunities to work together, discuss several issues related to lost fishing gear and share views and experiences. The workshop will be divided into two main sessions, but there will be plenty of room for discussions groups and plenary presentations in order to see the different issues in one greater context.

At this moment we will post a general program and a more detailed program will be ready closer to the workshop and will be sent to participants.

The goal for the second CNO workshop is to provide new knowledge for the participants and solutions tailored to the participants countries. The number of participants is limited and only for members of the CNO network.


Project leader  CNO

Gjermund Langedal