The EU Commission with a new and ambitious strategy on plastics

The EU Commission adopts a strategy on plastics, which will protect the environment from plastic pollution whilst fostering growth and innovation. The strategy is design to address the challenges posed by plastics throughout the value chain, taking into account the entire life cycle, and aims to contribute to a new plastics economy.

A major component deals with curbing plastic pollution, in particular in the oceans, and reduction options for single use plastic items, fishing gear, aquaculture, both intentionally added in products and unintentionally released during use or production process.

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Lost trawl

In connection to single use plastic items and lost or abandoned fishing gear, follow-up actions will be considered in the near future. A related Open Public Consultation was launched, intended to contribute to developing this knowledge base and guide such future actions; it consists of different parts, of which one is directed at the general public and two others at audiences with some expert knowledge or interest for single use plastic and fishing gear respectively. The consultation is open until 12 February and can be found - Here