Swedish project on ghost fishing, well underway

According to experience and recent investigations, there are annually lost between 3-5000 lobster pots along the Swedish West Coast. Sotenäs municipality has an ongoing project to look at this problem. The project leader, Per-Olof Samuelsson writs about the problem and the project.

Ghost fishing in Sotenäs municipality and along the rest of the west coast  of Sweden is huge problem and larger than expected when we started the project. 300 lost lobster pots and 20 gill nets  are retrieved during a relatively short ghost fishing project. The main reason for  ghost fishing along Sweden's western coast is the lobster fishery. Fish, lobster and crab go into the pot, attracting new individuals when trapped and eventually dies. A circle of death. 

Dragging above the surface and diving in stone fillings seems to be good methods for retrieving lost fishing gear.

A very large proportion of retrieved  ghost gear is still fishing when found and is causing great harm to the life of the sea.

According to Per-Olof Samuelsson, it is extremely important that similar ghost fishing projects are carried out in all Bohuslän municipalities in Sweden and in southern Norway. Money could be provided during the Swedish Board of Agriculture's new fishing fund period. This is in order to start projects in the municipalities.

Photo: Sotenäs municipality


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Published: 27.02.2019