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Successful workshop for CNO

With almost 50 participants and presentations from all across the Nordic countries, the workshop showed that the theme "lost fishing gear" is important and very relevant. Clean Nordic Oceans (CNO) is a Nordic network with the main objective to build a platform to exchange relevant information The way forward is to preserve the good start of developing CNO as an important knowledge- and communication network.

The workshop’s program

Ghost fishing is a challenge in all countries that have commercial fishing and recreational fishing, not just in the Northeast Atlantic. There are no methods or systems that remove the danger of lost fishing gear. The workshop was divided into three sessions, including various topics, as well as a final session on CNO's way forward. The first session dealt with  "Lost fishing gear and ghost fishing - how big is the problem?" and the second part focused on "Lost fishing gear - retrieval and methods to reduce ghost fishing". Both sessions and the following discussions showed very different approaches and understanding of these challenges among the Nordic countries. Several countries lacked systems for detecting and identifying the loss of fishing gear. However, it was encouraging that there is ongoing research and applications for several projects targeting ghost fishing in the respective countries national waters.  At the same time, it is also important to focus on methods that avoid both the loss of fishing gear and ghost fishing.

The third session in the workshop was called "Marine waste handling and recycling". The two companies that are the main actors with  this type of waste management, contributed with insightful  presentations. The two companies have different strategies, but in a complementary manner. However, development and logistics appear to be central to the future of recycling . As a result of very different and partly expensive ways of collecting waste through local waste disposal companies within the same country, increased recycling will be a challenge.

CNO fills the knowledge gap

Based on feedback after the workshop, both the timing of the event, relevant topics and content was perfect . Participants agreed that CNO fills a Nordic gap and has a unique opportunity to build a Nordic knowledge- and communication network to reduce the risk of ghost fishing, littering of the oceans and increased recycling from both commercial and recreational fishing.

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About the project

Clean Nordic Oceans is a collaboration project between the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries (Norway), the Swedish Agency for Water Management (Sweden) and DTU Aqua (Denmark), with the goal to build a Nordic network exchanging knowledge and experience in order to reduce ghost fishing, littering of the oceans and promote increased recycling from commercial and recreational fishing. Read more at

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