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Retrieval survey is well underway.

The annual Norwegian retrieval survey for lost fishing gear along the Norwegian coast is well underway and will continue until the end of September. Saturday, September 1, the vessel visited Tromsø to change crew (see photo).


Nets in container

The first part of the survey was carried out on the coast of the north-eastern part of northern Norway. In this area, there have been removed pots, long lines, rope and components for bout trawls and Danish seins. Survey leader Gjermund Langedal says, "We have never returned as much fishing gear back to the fishermen as so far in 2018. This is reuse and good circulation economy.

The survey continues onwards southwards towards Bergen. During this part of the survey, retrieval operations will be conducted down to 1000 meters depth. With the large ship that is hired, there is plenty of room for containers and bags for sorting of the gear on board. The gear not returned to the fishermen will be brought to shore at the end of the session.

King crab in gillnet
Published 5.9.2018