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Norway's largest Fishermen’s organization has decided to step up the fight against littering the ocean

During the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association national meeting, a decision was made to follow a new strategy called “Clean sea, our advantage and shared responsibility”.

Landsmøtet i fiskarlaget
From the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association national meeting
The association is a politically independent, professional national organization based on voluntary membership of fishermen. Today, the Norwegian Fishermen's Association have approximately 4700 members.

The strategy includes increased focus to prevent littering and plastic pollution from the fishing industry. To mention some of the measures:

Improve clean-up and waste management in the sea and coastal zones
Ensure well-functioning waste management in the ports
Establish good return and producer responsibility schemes for unsuitable fishing equipment and other waste
Prevent littering from the fishing industry in accordance with the fisheries organizations' joint declaration against marine waste

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