Conference in Kolobrzeg with ghost fishing on topic

The EU-project Marelitt Baltic invited stakeholders and participants to a conference to share and obtain knowledge on the issue with lost fishing gear in the Baltic Sea. Presentations about efforts and methods on how to pick up lost fishing gear was a part of the conference.

WWF in Poland and Marelitt Baltic invited delegates and from a wide range of organizations who are engaged in solving the problem with derelict fishing gear and ghost fishing. Marelitt Baltic is an interregional project with the purpose to map the extent of lost fishing gear, how gear can be salvaged without damaging the ocean floor, set up recycling stations in harbors and identify precautions that can be done to stop more fishing gear from getting lost in the ocean.

With help from local fishermen, Marelitt Baltic has pointed out so-called hot spots where you probably will find derelict fishing gear. During 2017, 16 kilometers of lost fishing nets were salvaged from Swedish waters, but that is only a tiny part of all the derelict gear left in the ocean. Next year the project will go for shipwrecks and clean them up from old fishing nets that is stuck on the boats.

Marelitt Baltic want to use safe, efficient and environmentally friendly methods when they salvage the lost fishing gear from the ocean. Today they are using a tool called Rock Hopper to find trawls and nets that has been lost in the Baltic Sea; a lightweight tool that is bland to soft ocean floors where important biotopes like seagrass beds often grow.

rockhopper foto wwf polandRock Hopper. Image: WWF Poland

Polska fiskare och tillverkare av fiskeredskap fanns med på konferensen och kunde ge en inblick i de praktiska problem som finns vid tillverkning, bärgning och återvinning av fiskeredskap.

Polish fisher men and producers of fishing gear attended the conference and gave their perspective on the practical problems with producing, salveging and recycling of old gear. 

Visiting a producer of fishing gear. Image: Lisa Bredahl Nerdal