Clean Nordic Oceans 1.0 final report and policy brief are now published and a prolongation of the project seems likely.

Final report and policy brief from Clean Nordic Oceans are now published ( on the website of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The report goes deeper into the challenges of marine litter from commercial fishing and recreational fishing, while the policy brief focuses on findings and measures.

Clean Nordic Oceans was established as a network to exchange knowledge and experience of methods and measures that can reduce the risk of ghost fishing and marine litter, and increase proper disposal and recycling of commercial and recreational fishing gear. All Nordic countries have participated in the network. That is why we have also chosen to make policy brief available in Nordic languages, says project manager Gjermund Langedal

Through a dedicated website, workshops, seminars, conferences, films and social media, this project has helped to establish contacts both inside and outside the Nordic region, which can help reduce the challenges of marine litter from fishing activities.

Among the numerous important findings that have been made over the course of the project, the report points out that fishermen in all the Nordic countries lack sufficient awareness of how they can and should contribute to a cleaner ocean. The report proposes a number of possible measures. There are few “one size fits all” solutions. Therefore, it is important to continue to share knowledge and experience, concludes Mr. Langedal.


Nordic Council of Ministers is working on a solution for the CNO to be continued with a new organization and management. Fortunately, this seems to be successful, but it may still take some time before everything is in place.

The CNO would like to thank all the active contributors throughout the network and everyone who has contributed in connection with our workshops.

Gjermund Langedal, Bård Aarbakke, Finn Larsen og Charlotta Stadig


Direct link to the full report is found here: 

Direct link to the english vertion of the Policy brief is found here: 

The policy brief is also avalable in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish Icelandic and Finnish at the Nordic Council of Ministers webpage.

Published: 26.03.2020