CNO with a successful seminar on different reporting systems for lost fishing gear

Last week (4.june 2019), Clean Nordic Oceans finished a successful seminar on different reporting systems for lost fishing gear. Several existing systems were presented and positive and negative implications were discussed by almost all the Nordic countries.

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Knowledge and experience shows that most countries have major problems with identifying hot spots for lost fishing gear. This information is essential for conducting an efficient gear retrieval surveys and such sytems might be required by fisheries certification programs like MSC in the future.

Some countries have already established reporting systems for loss of fishing gear, and other countries are planning such systems. Systems like this makes it possible to gather information about the lost gear in order to provides a better overview of the lost gear and reducing the need for cost-intensive hot spot mapping. Such an overview shows accountability and provides opportunities for, among other things, precise and cost-effective clean-up operations as well as measures to avoid losses in the first place.


Based on this information, CNO invited to a seminar in order to give an introduction and an overview of already implemented and functional systems for reporting lost fishing gear. This, to make it easier for countries to take elements from existing systems in order to develop or improve their own system. Several solutions were presented, and positive and negative traits were discussed. CNO hopes and believes the presentations and discussions inspired the audience as well as providing the basis for further development. Even though the countries are different, segments for existing systems can be copied in order to either create or improve new or existing systems.The seminar also gave a “taste of future” by inviting two companies that work with marking and retrieval sensors.

All the speakers are listed below with links to some of the PowerPoint presentations:


Gjermund Langedal – Norwegian Directorate of Fishery and Clean Nordic Oceans

Introduction to the seminar 

Ove Hokstad - Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

The international requirements, national responsibility, solution and benefits of a reporting system for lost fishing gears

Systems for commercial fishermen:

Haraldur A. Einarsson – Marine & Freshwater Research Institute

- The Icelandic system of reporting lost gear

Gjermund Langedal – Norwegian Directorate of Fishery and Clean Nordic Oceans

– The Norwegian system of reporting lost gear
Meinhard Gaardlykke – VØRN

- The Faroes system of keeping track of fishing gear


Systems for recreational fishermen:

Bård Aarbakke - Norwegian Directorate for Fishery and Clean Nordic Oceans

The Norwegian system of reporting and removing lost gear from recreational fishermen

Sofia Edström - Havs- och vattenmyndigheten

– The Swedish system for reporting lost gear and clean-up actions

A taste of future:

Tone Berg – Ocean space acoustics - A taste of future

Linn Merethe Brekke Olsen - Bergen Greentech – A taste of future


Published: 12.6.2019