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CNO well underway to build a Network

In addition to being a dissemination network, Clean Nordic Oceans (CNO) is also ment to be a communication platform that will stimulate increased Nordic cooperation across businesses, industries and borders. This work has now started by posting contact information from dedicated professionals who can help to make the challenges of lost fishing gear, ghost fishing and waste management more environmentally friendly.

In order to improve the communication platform and make the network more virtual, CNO has made a map of the Nordic countries, where contact information for different professionals from different countries is sorted by the countries they belong to. The network map can be found HERE. Here, the participants in the network also have the opportunity to add information about their business through links to articles or links to their own web pages. The network is designed to stimulate communication, collaboration and knowledge exchange between companies, industries and countries. The network has the opportunity to contribute "input" to the dissemination platform (website) by sharing the results and knowledge from conducted experiments, processes and measures around the challenges of lost fishing gear, ghost fishing and recycling. By learning or acquiring knowledge from each other, good measures can be more easily implemented and this can contribute to reduced costs since this has been tested. CNO will continue to focus on how we make the best possible exchange of such knowledge. We would like to hear your opinion about how we solve this.

CNO still wants more expertise in the network and if you feel you can contribute knowledge and want to become part of the network, it is possible to sign up for HERE. We also encourage people outside the network to provide tips on current projects, events, things and the like. Contact info can be found HERE.