CNO Final Conference was successful

After three years, the CNO projects initial funding is finished and the project presented key findings and recommendation. In addition, many experts gave great speeches on the topic. See the PowerPoint presentation and reads a short summary.

After three years, the CNO project team was ready to present the key findings and recommendations during the “CNO Final Conference. One of the key finding is that the Nordic countries has a great deal in common, but also a number of differences. The differences can be found in infrastructure (transportation, roads, fishing ports etc.), in geography (islands versus mainland) and differences when it comes to attitudes towards lost fishing gear, both political and in the industries.

The CNO team present their result

A major challenge is the lack of awareness of the problem caused by lost fishing gear and other fishery related litter. In addition, lack of sufficient legislation and the level of compliance is a challenge, which need different measures.

The PowerPoint slides are found HERE.

CNO also released a new awareness movie to put focus on pieces of fishery equipment.

The video can be found at The video will also be launched in different languages and in a much shorter version soon.

There is also other similar projects and Nordic initiatives working on the same challenges. Some of these projects/initiatives was asked to talk about their results and finding in order to identify common findings but also differences. 

These presentations are found HERE.


On the second day, the focus changed to “Oceans as a food producer” and global perspective where Sustainable Fisheries Greenland, Mowi, IMO and GGGI countributed with presentations.

These are found HERE:  


Sustainable Fisheries Greenland

Mowi  (Will come soon)

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Global Ghost Gear Initiatives (GGGI)


At the end of the day, The Nordic Council of Ministers talked about A Nordic Ministerial decision on marine litter & ghost fishing made on Iceland in 2019 and gave an update around a potential continuation of CNO   -> CNO 2.0.

The presentation is found HERE.

The CNO network is now in the ending phase, but the work will continue in different ways. The challenges from lost fishing gear will not be gone tomorrow, but we hope the network will contribute to a great reduction of marine littering from the fishing sector says Gjermund Langedal, leader of the CNO Network.

Published: 2.12.2019