Clean Nordic Oceans with a successful workshop at Runde

Participants from 10 countries took part in Clean Nordic Oceans second workshop at Beautiful Runde environmental center in Norway. Mapping and retrieval of lost fishing gear, handling and reception in harbors and challenges connected to commercial and recreational fishery was among the topics discussed at the workshop.


Pieces of lost fishing gear is found along beaches in almost every country and lost fishing gear is a challenge wherever there are commercial- and/or recreational fishing activity. Some of the gear loss is unavoidable, but there are measures to reduce the amount of litter and lost gear that ends up in the sea.


The workshop’s program

Clean Nordic Oceans gathered participants from 10 countries at Runde environmental center to discuss these challenges, share knowledge, and exchange ideas and measures. This was done with two workshops over 3 days which dealt with “ghost gear and fishery related marine litter” and “waste delivering systems, handling of waste and potential recycling of discarded fishing gear and ghost nets”. The workshop  based on good discussions and group work, but also had a few presentations (Click HERE to see the presentations. More will be uploaded). Both sessions ended with group work before a short discussion in an attempt to map the situations in each of the Nordic countries.

Presentasjon FF Norden

The Nordic countries face much of the same challenges, but there is also some country-specific ones. Reception of fishing gear is a challenge because it often consists of different plastic components as well as organic and inorganic material, which grows/attaches to the gear when used. This makes some of the gear almost impossible to recycle. Gillnets and pots faces the same challenge when discarded, but also introduce the challenge of ghost fishing. Based on the feedback already given at CNO’s first workshop (click HERE to read about it), and repeated on the workshop at Runde, lost fishing gear from recreational fishermen is a challenging area.  



Rydder en strand
A lot of fishery related litter along the coast


Reduce loss of fishing gear and ghost fishing by spreading information

CNO’s acquired information point at recreational fishermen as a large contributor to ghost gear Much of the gear is lost due to lack off knowledge. Clean Nordic Oceans have therefor made several short movies to show recreational, but also others, the danger of ghost fishing, the common reasons why gear is lost, and how to recover lost gear from the seabed. These videos will be lunched next week. In order for these videos to have an effect, peoples need to see them. Therefore, CNO needs help to spread them. Make our ocean cleaner by spreading the message and increase the knowledge.   


About the project

Clean Nordic Oceans is a collaboration project for all Nordic countries and lead  Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries (Norway), but with the Swedish Agency for Water Management (Sweden) and DTU Aqua (Denmark), in the leader team. CNO`s   goal is to build a Nordic network for exchanging knowledge and experience in order to reduce ghost fishing, littering of the oceans and promote increased reuse and recycling from commercial and recreational fishing. Read more at

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Published: 31.10.2018