Clean Nordic Oceans are making movies

Clean Nordic Oceans are trying out new media in order to reach a larger audience with an important message. This is done by making movies about the danger of ghost fishing and how to reduce the problem.

Clean Nordic Oceans are always looking to reach out to a larger audience with relevant and important news about ghost fishing, marine litter and recycling. In order to do so, it is important to reach the right media and to make it interesting. Therefore, CNO is cooperating with a movie company to make movies about ghost fishing and how to prevent ghost fishing from happening. These movies are made to raise awareness and inform recreational fishermen about the following topics: “What is ghost fishing?”, “How to prevent loosing fishing gears?”, “What can be done if the gear is already lost?” and that a relatively large proportion of the ghost gear can be cleaned and used again.

Ghost gear on land


CNO have been out to recorded parts of a move series, and taken over water footage by having cameras on the boat, on land and even in the air by the use of a drone. The next process is to get

Drone in air

good underwater footage by using a diver. This is to provide exclusive and unique pictures of ghost gears, usual way to loose gear and more.  

The movies are expected to be done and released this Autumn/Winter by the time CNO hosting two workshops on “ghost gear and fishery related marine litter” and on “waste delivering systems, handling of marine waste and potential recycling”.

Teinesetting 2
Drone and on land filming 

Published 15.8.2018