New app will help to reduce ghost fishing in recreational fishing

For several years the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has had an app available with information regarding recreational fishing. In June 2017 a new and updated version of this app was available. With this app you can now report if you have lost your fishing gear.

The old version of the app with up to 20.000 users is now more user friendly, with information regarding laws and regulations, as well as an extensive list of fish species with complemantary pictures, and information about the most common species caught in recreational fisheries.

Can an app contribute to the clean up of the ocean?

New thinking of how volunteers can contribute to the clean up of the ocean and reduce the danger of ghost fishing is behind this new version of the app. The concept is to link information about were fishing gear from the recreational fisheries has been lost and make this information available for volunteers and groups, for instance, diving clubs, that can contribute to find such gear and remove them from the sea bed.

How the new addition to the app works is that the person that lost the gear can now report the type of fishing gear, the amount and the position of the gear. By searching in the map, it is possible to find this information for each object and thereby choose which gear to start searching for. For the findings to be registered one has to register on the app and upload a picture of what has been found.


Concept to share?

At the end of the year, prizes up to 50.000 NOK will be handed out. The app “Fritidsfiske” can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Kanskje kan denne løsningen være aktuell for flere nordiske land delt gjennom CNO?

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