A Centre for a Clean Ocean

The Norwegian Centre for Oil Spill Preparedness and Marine Environment is a national centre of expertise that addresses threats and challenges our ocean faces when it comes to oil spill and marine litter.

The centre is placed up north in the Lofoten Islands surrounded by one of the world’s most valuable and thriving marine ecosystems. We are everyday reminded how important the ocean is to us all. The centre was established in 2018 as a national response to the widespread deterioration of the marine environment as a global problem. Our vision is what we all depend on, a clean ocean.

The centre opened December 10th 2018 with a staff of six.

The damage of an oil spill is immediate and can be irreparable for some species. Marine litter affects marine life and the consequences microplastic has on the marine environment and our health is worrying. What we do know is that oil spill and marine litter compose the same threats and we must do our best to clean it up and develop solutions for the task. The centre is therefore a driving force who will:

·        increase awareness and knowledge of oil spill preparedness and marine litter.

·        develop and facilitate the use of effective methods and new technology for cleanups after oil spills and marine litter.

·        contribute to strengthen the efforts against marine litter and for oil spill preparedness through increased interaction and realization of synergies between the areas.


Knowledge in one Place

The centre is working to establish a knowledge base. Our mission is to bring together the most relevant resources from partners and other leading institutions, and provide quick and easy access to data, tools, guidance and good practice. Examples of this would be providing knowledge-based services toward regional institutions dedicated to coordinate cleanups along coastal shores and rivers. The knowledge base will have an updated overview of international agreements and policy instruments. It will also facilitate technology development and promote models and practical solutions. Our goal is to deliver a knowledge base of national and international interest and use.


A Digital Map Solution for Marine Litter'

ann helen til årsrapport
The centres director is Ann-Helen Ernstsen.

We are currently developing a national map solution in corporation with Keep Norway Beautiful. The map solution will incorporate the volunteers, public institutions, waste management and other stakeholders in one system. The goal is to create a tool that will make cleanups of marine litter more efficient and coordinated. This will be launched in 2020 before the cleanup season.