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App to help reduce ghost fishing in recreational fishing

For several years, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has had an app available with information regarding recreational fishing. In 2017, the app was updated to include reporting of lost fishing gear. A new version was made available in 2018, and now divers can report if they retrieve any ghost gear from the sea. The goal was to make it easier to contribute to the clean-up of the ocean and reduce the risk of ghost fishing.Furthermore, the data will be sent to Norway’s largest research institute (The Institute of Marine Research, IMR) to contribute in research and mapping the problem of ghost fishing

CNO launching of brand new information videos on how to reduce loss of fishing gear and ghost fishing

Clean Nordic Oceans has identified lost fishing gear from recreational fishermen as a challenging area in almost all the Nordic countries. To face this challenge, CNO has made information videos to tell about ghost fishing, and how to prevent it form happening.

Clean Nordic Oceans with a successful workshop at Runde

Participants from 10 countries took part in Clean Nordic Oceans second workshop at Beautiful Runde environmental center in Norway. Mapping and retrieval of lost fishing gear, handling and reception in harbors and challenges connected to commercial and recreational fishery was among the topics discussed at the workshop.

The annual Norwegian retrieval survey is finished

About 800 gillnets, king crab pots and large amounts of rope and wires are among the gear recovered during the Directorate of Fisheries retrieval survey, which ended 24. September.

Marine litter in the North Sea to be mapped

How much marine litter is floating around in the water column of the North Sea? How is it distributed, and what type is it? This will now be mapped in a new research project.

Welcome to Clean Nordic Oceans` second workshop

Clean Nordic Oceans is planing an upcoming workshop, where the main purpose is to exchang knowledge about systems and solutions as well as research and development through good discussions and recommendations

Danish fisheries sector and marine waste

Clean Nordic Oceans has asked the Danish Fishermen’s Association to talk about how the Danish fisheries sector contributes to solving the challenge of marine waste. Journalist Claus Kirkegaard, Danish Fishermen’s Association, has taken up the challenge and written this post.

Ministry and 25 organizations join forces to combat marine waste

Sailors, fishermen, beachgoers, and other citizens form a united front with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark in eliminating marine waste. Flemming Mieth, CEO of Rostra Kommunikation, here talks about the campaign to eliminate marine waste (‘Sammen om et hav uden affald’).

Retrieval survey is well underway.

The annual Norwegian retrieval survey for lost fishing gear along the Norwegian coast is well underway and will continue until the end of September. Saturday, September 1, the vessel visited Tromsø to change crew (see photo).

Clean Nordic Oceans are making movies

Clean Nordic Oceans are trying out new media in order to reach a larger audience with an important message. This is done by making movies about the danger of ghost fishing and how to reduce the problem.