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Norwegian authorities take measures to avoid ghost fishing in the lobster fishery (updated version)

As of 2018, Norwegian authorities had decided to demand a specific escape vent in the pot fisheries towards lobster. The solution will ensure that lost pots on the seabed do not become eternal traps for shellfish and fish. Requirements on the new solution is the use of cotton wire with short breakdown time in parts of the pot. This will ensure an escape possibility for the caught fish and shellfish.

Conference in Kolobrzeg with ghost fishing on topic

The EU-project Marelitt Baltic invited stakeholders and participants to a conference to share and obtain knowledge on the issue with lost fishing gear in the Baltic Sea. Presentations about efforts and methods on how to pick up lost fishing gear was a part of the conference.

A new Artic project against marine plastic pollution

Marine plastic pollution is an increasing global issue that affects coastal and marine ecosystems, which again have implications for our society and well-being. The Arctic is considered as a relatively pristine area, but today's level of plastic pollution in the region is higher than the environmental management targets. At the same time, we expect increased commercial activity in the area due to global warming and ice melting which will make parts of the Arctic more accessible. Svalbard- and the Barents Sea contribute to our welfare in many ways: among other things, it is an important area for fishing, research, tourism and nature experiences. To ensure sustainable development of the region, we need effective management tools to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

CNO well underway to build a Network

In addition to being a dissemination network, Clean Nordic Oceans (CNO) is also ment to be a communication platform that will stimulate increased Nordic cooperation across businesses, industries and borders. This work has now started by posting contact information from dedicated professionals who can help to make the challenges of lost fishing gear, ghost fishing and waste management more environmentally friendly.

Successful retrieval survey along the coast of Norway

The yearly raid along the Norwegian coast after lost fishing gears was successfully completed at the end of September after five weeks retrieval survey. The survey coverd a distance from Varangerfjorden up north, to Ålesund. The main focus was as always lost gill nets, but there was alos an increesed focus on retrieval of lost king crab pots. Furtheremore, significant amounts of other gears pulled up. The yearly retrieval survey has bin conducted by the Directorate of Fisheries since 1980.

Successful workshop for CNO

With almost 50 participants and presentations from all across the Nordic countries, the workshop showed that the theme "lost fishing gear" is important and very relevant. Clean Nordic Oceans (CNO) is a Nordic network with the main objective to build a platform to exchange relevant information The way forward is to preserve the good start of developing CNO as an important knowledge- and communication network.

Action status and knowledge obtainment of ghost fishing, marine litter and recycling in the Nordic countries.

Clean Nordic Oceans works with an overview of national systems and measures regarding loss of fishing gear, reducing the risk of ghost fishing as well as recycling, within commercial and recreational fishing activities. The overview is part of the effort to facilitate sharing of knowledge that can be used across national borders in the Nordic region.

A new project working on ghost fishing’s impact on the marine fauna.

A new project working on ghost fishing’s impact on the marine fauna. The project is led by the Institute of marine research and is a collaboration with dive centres which are collecting lost traps, quantifying the impact on the marine ecosystem to find solutions to reduce it. To find out more about whether some types of traps have more impact than others on animals’ populations and on animals’ life, Check out the link below.

Lectures for a Plastic free Baltic Ocean

The Polish Ecological Club in Gdańsk, supported by Coalition Clean Baltic in Uppsala and in partnership with all Baltic catchment countries, has prepared a set of lectures, films, tasks and animations to raise awareness on the problem of littering the Baltic Ocean.

New app will help to reduce ghost fishing in recreational fishing

For several years the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has had an app available with information regarding recreational fishing. In June 2017 a new and updated version of this app was available. With this app you can now report if you have lost your fishing gear.