DTU Aqua, Copenhagen (Lyngby)

Seminar - solutions for fishermen to report lost fishing gear

4. June, CNO is arranging a seminar to give an introduction into different reporting solutions for lost fishing gear and give an overview of already implemented and functional systems as well as to highlight key factors and solutions. This, to make it easier for countries to take elements from existing models in order to develop or improve their own system.

The target group for the seminar is authorities from differient nordic conutries working with fisheries manegment, decision makers and software/ map developers.

Backgrond information:

Marine litter is gaining increasing focus in the Nordic region. Lost fishing gear is such a source, which can cause unfortunate and unnecessary harm to fish, shellfish, seabirds and marine mammals. Experience shows that most countries have major problems with identifying hot spots for lost fishing gear and may need to use considerable resources for mapping these.

Some countries have established reporting systems for loss of fishing gear. This makes it possible to gather information in one place, providing a better overview of the lost gear and reducing the need for hot spot mapping. Such an overview shows accountability and provides opportunities. Opportunities for, among other things, precise and cost-effective clean-up operations as well as measures to avoid losses in the first place.

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