Lofoten, Norway

Lighthouse Lofoten - A conference on prevention and cleanup of marine litter

Norwegian Centre for Oil Spill Preparedness and Marine Environment with Clean Nordic Oceans and the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries as partners, are excited to present a conference called Lighthouse Lofoten - a conference on prevention and cleanup of marine litter. The conference will take place in Lofoten, Norway 17-18 October 2019.

The goal of the conference is to connect people working to fight marine littering around the world and to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. The Lighthouse Lofoten conference is an effort to guide us in the right direction for a clean and healthy ocean.


The main topics are:

Lost at sea: Prevention, retrieval and waste reception of marine litter from marine sources

From coast to coast: Global partnership and cooporation – tasks and ambitions

The gloabal lighthouse: Joining forces and resources in coastal cleanups


The Lighthouse Lofoten Conference will open for registration 21 June 2019

The program will be launched in medio June and more information will be published.

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